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Field trip: Amy's Bread (w/ photos)

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Field trip: Amy's Bread (w/ photos)

A few weeks ago I took a trip to Amy's Bread in NYC. They have a store in Chelsea Market-- an old factory that's been converted into various shops. The market is worth a trip in itself (there's a good kitchen supply store, and a great milkshake bar--Ronnybrook Farm Dairy), but the bakery is amazing.  For one, it's Amy's Bread. But also, there's a long corridor with windows where you can stop and gawk as the bakers go about their craft. Enjoy!


Amy's Bread 01


 Bannetons covered with plastic. In the background you can see their oven. Looks like 4 decks to me. 


 One of the bakers shaping strands for a braided loaf. The machine at far left automatically divides a batch of dough and preshapes a couple dozen rolls at a time, the bakers finish by hand-shaping (two at a time, just like Hamelman describes!).


Scaling what appeared (maybe?) to be some sort of stollen.


Some of the braided loaves after shaping. 

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How fascinating that visit must have been. Great pictures! My only complaint is that you didn't have enough pictures...

I love the book Amy's Bread, and I am sure that her breads are excellent. On my next visit to NY, whenever that might be, I want to visit the bakery. Thanks for giving us a "sneak peek".


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Awesome! Wish I could go there. : )

 Amy in Alaska

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Great photos.  Thanks so much for posting.  I enjoy seeing how it's done professionally.  Never seen so many bannetons in one spot.  I would love to see how they get all those loaves out of the bannetons, scored and into the oven. Amazing!

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How fun!  I'd love to watch.