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Help, how to fix psyllium husk egg white loaf is too moist

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Help, how to fix psyllium husk egg white loaf is too moist

Please any ideas, i cant use gums for sticking dough together. Is there way to make loaf less moist? I need to use psyllium, its my only option, and the egg whites help as well.

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Lazy Loafer

What is it that you are making? Can you provide the recipe? I make a gluten-free flour mix for bread that has ground psyllium husk, and don't use any egg for the bread I make with this mix. It turns out fine. You may also find that gluten-free bread needs to cool completely before slicing as it tends to be a bit gummy otherwise.

Pictures always help too!

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Hi, I use this recipe and I'm pretty sure it is close to your recipe. It is for 10 600g loafs but that is not a problem, you can calculate it down or you can freeze it like me. This loaf is very good for freezing. Use a wisk (hand or machine) to mix it together.

1. About 2 hours before you mix the bread soak 360g of linseeds in warm water.

2 Before starting baking, train the water off.

3. In your mixing bowl - ad 2700ml warm water, 200ml Olive Oil, the linseeds, 95g sugar, 70g fresh yest, 6 eggs and 150g psyllium husk (if you only use egg whites = 8 egg whites)

4. Mix everything until it looks like and has the consistence of custard.

5. In a second bowl measure out 1700g brown rice flour, 320g potato flour, 320g chestnut flour, 60g salt and give it all into your mixing bowl.

6. Mix slow until all dry ingredients are incorporated. Than mix faster for about 3 minutes by hand or 30 seconds if you use a mixing machine. Now it should look like a very thick porridge.

7. Grease your tins and fill them with 600g

8. Pre-heat your oven to 220 degree Celsius no fan or 190 degree Celsius with fan 

9. Let them proof/rise for about 1 hour or they have more than doubled in size.

10. Bake them for at least 40 to 45 minutes, maybe a bit more. If they become to brown/dark cover them with grease-proof paper

11. Before eating or cutting your loaf, let them cool down completely

I hope this recipe helps