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brown colour in crust

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brown colour in crust

hi freshloafians , is the second time i would like your help so sortly . My dough when is ferment for 12-16 hours is not getting enough gold and brown colour in the crust . So the ingredients are cooked well done and the dough is not goldenbrown . When the dough is fresh knead has not the same prolem , any ideas ? the ingredients of the dough (Hydration60%) is flour Farina ,yeast, sugar,salt,oliveoil and water . Also is a bit more sour when ferment for 16 hours . Is it possibe to avoid sour taste ? 

Thank you very much for reading my textt 

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if you gave the recipe and loaded some pics of the crust and the crumb.


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Lechem (not verified)

Over fermented dough is a thick hard crust which doesn't get that nice caramel crust colour.  But as Hester said it's difficult to advise with no recipe nor photo. 

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Lazy Loafer

It is possible that the dough is a little over-fermented. What happens is that all the residual sugar has been digested by the yeast and bacteria and there isn't any left to brown the crust in the oven. The long ferment will also allow more bacterial action (don't worry, these are good bacteria!) and so increase the sour taste. So, I'd suggest you do one or more of the following:

  • Ferment at a lower temperature (or ferment at room temperature for a couple of hours, then put the dough in the fridge)
  • Ferment for a shorter period of time
  • Use less yeast (though you will still have the bacterial action and perhaps the 'sour' taste)
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Marios, I’m sure we can help, but as others have said we need as much detailed information as possible. Images are a great help.

My experience is different from other replies. When doughs are ferment for 12 - 16 hours at warm temps mine are very easy to over brown. You mentioned fermenting; you didn’t tell us at what temperature.

I have no experience using Farina, though. 


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3 kg farina 55%  , 1/2 kg corn flour , 1/2 kg yellow flour 

 10 g salt 

50 g sugar 

200ml oliveoil

4 g yeast 

and i leave it  rest 1 hour at room temperature 25-28 celcius and after that in the fridge at 3-7 celcius or 10-12 hours 


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I’m not used of KG &MG but the formula looks way wrong. 4000g flours, 10g salt, 200g oil, 4g yeast and no water?

My original thought (posted above) does not apply since the fermentation time was spent in refrigeration.


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sorry  i forgot filtered water 2 L 


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Mini Oven

Please double check the recipe.  

what grain is yellow flour?

what liquids are you using... water?

I am guessing English is a second language, can you give us your country?  It may make understanding easier.

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I agonized over this for months trying to figure out the issue with my fermentation. 

But after all, it was my baking setup. Insufficient steam. 

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