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Bakery in Paris

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Bakery in Paris

My absolute favorite, who also happens to be in my neighborhood:

Everything is organic and -- when possible -- locally sourced.

Excellent bread and the second-best millefeuille I've ever had (the very best was Christian Constant…)

And speaking of Christian Constant, it's been almost a year since I've been in one of these eateries, but all three in the seventh are in the very good - excellent range:



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Frank M

Last year we spent a month in the 11th and loved du pain at des idées just north of place de la république


Pastry is great, and pain du amis is interesting! But it is a hike from the 7th.  They're closed weekends too.









u Pain et des ,




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Hi Frank,

Of course, I've heard of Christian Vasseur's bakery (who hasn't?), but as you said, it's a bit of a hike to get there (I'm in the 15th) and the place has been controversial for quite some time now, with local residents feeling slighted in favor of "passing" trade. I'm glad you had a positive experience there.