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fornovenetzia pizza oven

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fornovenetzia pizza oven


Is anyone familiar with the fornovenetzia pizza ovens. They are low cost ovens that seem to have most of what one would want.  I had a clay oven that I built. It was eight inches thick and I had a lot of fun cooking pizzas, etc. in it. I had it along side my deck but tore it down when I converted my deck into an enclose porch. But I really miss having a pizza oven, but I don't have the means to construct a real pizza oven where I currently live. The fornovenetzia pronto model has a 20" by 24" cooking surface. It's affordable at $1600 and it would get me back in the game. It has a 2 1/4" thick insulated floor which isn't as think as a constructed pizza oven would have, but one can't expect to have that with a $1600 oven. However, I could build an insulated platform to set it on and an enclosure at minimal cost around the oven filled with wood ash to add extra insulation. Anyway, I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with this pizza oven, or similar ones. I don't want to spend 3 thousand or more on the pre-built ovens that I've seen since I think this one could be the best alternative I've seen to a real pizza oven costing thousands or the more expensive pre-built ones. Any comments about this oven or other pre-built ovens would be appreciated.

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