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Thank you Chockswahay for introducing me to Soda Bread

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Anonymous baker (not verified)

Thank you Chockswahay for introducing me to Soda Bread

My second loaf in as many days. Last night's trial loaf of 100% whole spelt was a big success so tonight I bring you 90% whole spelt with 10% whole rye. Quick, easy and delicious. For the buttermilk I used full fat milk with apple cider vinegar otherwise here is Grahame's original post with beautiful loaves accompanied by the recipe...

This loaf is for me to take to work tomorrow so I'll leave you with a crumb shot from yesterday's bake. 

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I love soda bread.  Nice job

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Lechem (not verified)

Great for a quick midweek bake when I don't have any time to spend on a sourdough.

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I'm glad to hear you're getting on with it Abe.  Soda bread really is underated :)

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Lechem (not verified)

It's the perfect solution for me when it comes to a midweek bake. Lasts well for up to 24 hours and I can make it the night before to take into work the next morning. Really enjoyed the first one and found myself making another last night. It is underrated!

P.s. I used my dough scraper to "score" this one. Went overboard and practically cut it into 4 pieces. They joined back together again and it still rose perfectly.