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Total newbie, swiss roll sponge help?

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Total newbie, swiss roll sponge help?

Hi Everyone!

I am trying to teach myself to bake, I have made basic things but am trying to learn new things and get really skilled. I thought I would try a swiss roll and followed this recipe from the GBBS. 3 eggs, 75g confectioners sugar and 75g self-raising flour.

But I didn't do the black licorice, just a strawberry and cream filling so I could do a really basic one and do more interesting flavors if I got this down

There is a link below to a video, my sponge came out I think, too spongey. It is kind of like the texture of the inside of a couch cushion. I wouldn't necessarily say it is dry, maybe chewy? I can't tell if it's underdone or overdone, by the color I don't think it's over and it doesn't seem moist enough to be under. I baked it at 400 for 9 and a half minutes. I have never beaten a cake this much, I beat it a lot because I know you're supposed to get it foamy and doubled before adding the flour, and once I sifted in the flour I tried folding it in but it looked a bit lumpy so i got scared and mixed it gently until everything was combined. Maybe I made a mistake?


Here is a video showing the texture. Thanks for any advice!

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Mini Oven

but can guess that the folding in of flour was tricky.  Too much mixing perhaps.  It's important to beat the devil out of the eggs and sugar (often with just a tiny pinch of salt) takes like forever and then use a folding technique, what I tend to call a "barrel roll" to work in the flour ever so gently as to not form a tough gluten matrix. After dusting the top with part of the sifted flour, push the spatula down the far edge first and head for the bottom of the bowl.  Then with a slight twist come up the front side and roll over the top like... in this left handed video... the texture of the batter is lovely and looks like what you're after.  Here is another video from the CIA showing (a bit hurried to me) for right hand folding with a thinner batter but she touches on a lot of the principles involved.

Excluding the licorice batter may have reduced the volume of batter in the pan.  This can also affect the outcome unless it was also used with another flavour or alcohol.  Looks very interesting.  I just might add this to my Easter bake.  :). Thanks