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what temp to bake mini breads?

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what temp to bake mini breads?

straight to the point: just done making mini breads this evening with the exact same my old fav recipe as i usually used on loaf/dinner rolls. different is, it's waaay more soft and moist as a loaf/dinner rolls or say, as "bigger" (size wise) breads, but today my mini breads came out all dry (not that kind of "dry" but not as soft as it were as the "big" ones). i'm indonesian and i read somewhere that i had to up the oven temp a lil bit higher (baked the bigs always at 175C). what should i do? is 190C - 200C too high for mini breads? been making mini breads for quite some time now and couldn't seems to find the problems yet. mine today were baked at (also) 175C, decreased on time but no result. it came out dry anyway. 

ps: what i mean "mini breads" is individual bread, like buns sold at the bakery. "big breads" i mean like bread loaf, dinner rolls or pull apart bread (some minis which baked altogether in a pan)

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HERE is a link to the following quote from nbicomputers-the last box on that post. I don't know if he/she is still around but I thought he was a professional baker in a tropical country. He always had good advice.

Bake times for smaller loaves
  • time and temp should be adjusted for size the lager an item is the lower the temp.
  • a large item takes more time to bake so the temp should be turnd down so that the crust will not burn before the center is done while a small item needs a higher temp so the center is done at the same time the crust is done.
  • this goes for cake and pastry as well as breads.
  • if you bake a large bread at a high temp you might find that the bread looks and feels done only to find when you cut it the center is still doughy.