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vanilla bean source ?

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vanilla bean source ?

with the price rocket and scarcity of quality vanilla the last few years, my previous source doesn't seem to exist anymore.

has anyone a good reliable source in the US for B beans for DIY extract?

I'm not too particular of the source as long as they aren't blood beans.

Mada, Tahitian, Mexican  ....


Don't really want to buy off the shelf extract as most seem to have to many additives other than perhaps Massey.

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Have you tried  Penzey's?


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yes, but I found vanilla queen later.  think I'll go there for the time being.

thanks though

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I've used Vanilla Products USA in the past and I've been happy with them.  I have made my own vanilla extract for years using their products, and I would recommend them.

- Greg

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Vanilla Prods seems to only sell in a lot that would last long past my life.

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I use 1 Tsp Costco Vanilla extract in all 1 Lb breads I bake 3-4 times a week.

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Try San Francisco Herb.        They have them but not cheap.

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Have you try Red vanilla bean , they have in , red is the premium extract grade vanilla bean

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$17.79 for 10 beans; that's a steal!