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Focaccia flavoring

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Focaccia flavoring

You know what I found out?  Those herb rubs for chicken and meat are really good for flavoring focaccia (just reduce the salt in the recipe since rubs have lots of salt).

Bon appétit!

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I always put a few dabs of pasta sauce here and there, and fried mushrooms with onions always seem to be good.  Fresh basil, sun dried tomato, a bit of sliced garlic all seem to go with it.  One thing lots of times it is better to use less rather than too many toppings.


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After you bake the focaccia with the toppings can it be frozen?  I am going to bake some to take to my daughter and am considering putting black and green olives and some cherry tomatoes on it.  But not sure how they would handle being frozen.

I'm thinking of ideas of the mentioned items plus make one with just Italian herbs mixed into the dough and adding some cheese to the top.  I know that will freeze okay baked, but not sure about toppings.