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Allen Scott Oven Plans

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Allen Scott Oven Plans

Hello All, New to Fresh Loaf. I am looking for plans and or instructions for Scott oven approximate 42 in X 48 inch.

Any thoughts,


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I searched the forum for older posts and found this link and used it to download the plans. No affiliation and not sure if it's what you're looking for but it worked for me.

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Thanks UH,

I will check them out!

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I used the Forno Bravo plans with great success. My Pompeii oven is beyond versatile for everything from baking bread to pizza and roasting. Preheating and heat retention are excellent.

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Alas the filedropper link no longer is active.  Someone kindly and anonymously sent me a link to the plans in the last few weeks, but I didn't know the link would expire in 24 hours and missed downloading them.  So close and yet so far!  Anyone else know where they might still be found? If so, I would be eternally grateful if you would send a link to me at  Thanks!


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Hi Dean,

Any luck getting the oven plans?

I've had the book (and the dream for a couple years now). Looks like my timing on this is off as well!



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If I could ask as well - poured through the Builders book (no pun), but if there's a resource of plans otherwise, I'd be grateful.  Thanks. - Paul

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Hello All,

If anyone has received the plans, could you please send a copy to me...planning to start building in April!  My email is  Many thanks!