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[2017-017] Sticky Oatmeal Loaf

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Modern Jess

[2017-017] Sticky Oatmeal Loaf

(Baked 2/3/17)

This ended up being a particularly sticky loaf, and I had considerable trouble getting it out of the banneton when it was time to bake. Hence, the loaf is a bit malformed. Still, it was moist and delicious and had very good crumb.


  • 500g King Arthur Bread Flour
  • 350g water @ 80°
  • 150g starter @ 70% hydration
  • 12g salt
  • 300g oatmeal porridge (1:1.5 dry to wet by volume)


  • Mixed flour, starter, and 300g water
  • Left to autolyse 30 minutes
  • Mixed in salt + 50g water
  • Turned once
  • Folded in oatmeal
  • Continued turns @ 30 minute intervals
  • Formed loaf and proofed overnight in banneton @ 65°-ish
  • Baked @ 500° covered for 20 minutes (forgot to turn down oven after loaf went in)
  • Baked @ 450° uncovered for 18 more minutes


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Modern Jess

Yup. The site will only let me post two blog entries at a time. I don't know if the time limit is 12 hours or 1 day or what, but this is going to be slllllooooowwww. I have 34 more loaves to post.

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down spammers!  look forward to more posts, 2 x 2 :) Great bakes!


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Thanks for sharing, I will try it later!