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[2017-016] Oatmeal Porridge Loaf

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Modern Jess

[2017-016] Oatmeal Porridge Loaf

(Baked 1/30/2017)

Another Oatmeal Porridge loaf, this time with some added whole wheat instead of spelt. 


  • 450g King Arthur Bread Flour
  • 50g King Arthur Whole Wheat Flour
  • 300g water @ 75°
  • 150g starter @ 70% hydration
  • 12g salt
  • 250g oatmeal porridge (1:1.5 dry to wet by volume)


  • Mixed everything except oatmeal together
  • Turns @ 30 minute intervals for 4 hours
  • Oatmeal folded in during turns
  • Bench rest for 30 minutes
  • Formed loaf and proofed ~8 hours in banneton
  • Baked for 20 minutes covered @ 450°
  • Baked for 20 minutes uncovered @ 450°


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Nice bake.

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That's gorgeous, and has convinced me to try a version of it for this week's bake. I'll report back. 

edit: are you cooking the porridge, or just mixing the wet/dry and letting it soak? Thanks!


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Did you precook the oatmeal or just let it soak? I'm looking to make this and will probably just let it soak for 15 minutes?

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I'm going to try it with cooked, we can compare :)


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I soaked the oatmeal for about 1/2 an hour (did not cook) and tried to add them to the dough as I stretched and folded. They were way too wet (I'm not really good at wet doughs), so I just mixed everything together, then restarted the stretch and folds. I did put it in a 9x5 pan for overnight (just to keep it contained--it was too wet). I baked the next day in the pan for just about 40 minutes at 450°F.--when internal temperature was 190°F. It didn't have any spring, so I was pretty sure it was going to be a brick--but it turned out really well. Nice flavor. I think it will make a good sandwich.

BUT, I will cook the oatmeal next time. And there will be a next time.