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[2017-014] Country Spelt Loaf

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Modern Jess

[2017-014] Country Spelt Loaf

My apologies for the extended absence. Again. I've been baking bread, on and off, but I've also been doing lots of other stuff, and posting my progress toward my 2017 Bread Challenge kind of fell by the wayside.

As we now seem to be winding down 2017, I figured I would make an effort to finish what I started. You'll be seeing a bunch more of these blog posts in the next 24 hours. Maybe I'll even finish!

From way back on January 28th, 2017, here's loaf #14: another variation of my Country Spelt Loaf. This one doesn't seem to have any crumb pictures, a sure sign that I took it to work for my team.



  • 450g King Arthur Bread Flour
  • 50g sprouted whole spelt
  • 150g starter @ 70% hydration
  • 375g water @ 75°
  • 12g salt

Turns every 20 minutes for 3 hours, no bench rest. Formed loaf and proofed overnight for about 10 hours. 

Baked at 450° covered for 20 minutes, uncovered for 20 more. Definitely an attempt at getting it strongly baked.



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Modern Jess

Or maybe not. The website seems to think I've posted enough, and tells me I've reached the limit of how many posts I can post at one time. Okay, guess I'm not going to be posting more of these tonight.

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as you like.  Spammers do it all the time.  This is one fine looking bread.  Good luck getting finished too!