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Donuts and overnight rising

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Donuts and overnight rising

Today, I decided to make donuts.


I have a few questions about rising them and overnighting the dough.

So the first rise takes about 60mins and then comes shaping and the 2nd rise is between 30-40mins.

I was hoping to shape and fry tomorrow and just let the dough do the first rise in the fridge. Can I?
I want to split the work into two days so that I'm able to go somewhere. How is the dough affected by this. Also, the recipe calls for the milk to be scalded and to use AP flour. 

I understand that the scalding is to make things fluffier, but could I trade the scalded milk for bread flour in the recipe and just add a bit more gluten to help with the fluffiness of the donut?


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I wouldn't use bread flour in doughnuts...they're supposed to be tender. Skip the scalded milk, if you want...I doubt you'll notice any difference.

The overnight rise in the refrigerator is possible, but a proofing of 30 minutes suggests a lot of yeast. It's possible that they may not cool off fast enough in the fridge and may overproof. You might need to get the cooling started by doing the bulk fermentation in the fridge.