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Mugnaini vs Breadstone vs....?

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Mugnaini vs Breadstone vs....?

Hi I've been comparing wood fired ovens for the past couple months and the more I research the more my budget stretches. The two front runners are the Medio 110 by Mugnaini and the 700B oven the breadstone distrubutes.

Does anyone have any experience with either?

Seems fair to say you can't go wrong with either. which doesn't make my decision any easier.


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Have you decided yet? I don't have any experience with either oven but as you said you probably can't go wrong with either. I guess the way to choose would be to ask yourself what you want to do with the oven. If you want to bake bread and perhaps many loaves of bread in one heating, you want the oven with the most thermal mass. If you only want to cook pizza or other meals the mass is not as critical. Just one thing to consider! 

Good luck with your choice! I would love to have such a decision to make!


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Funny timing for your post. I placed my order for a turnkey Bread Stone 800b yesterday morning after far too much deliberation. Agree that you probably couldn't go wrong with either. Now begins the exciting waiting process.

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I recently started working with a Mugnaini 120.  One thing I was concerned about was steaming the oven, what I didn't understand until I started using the oven is that when you seal the door the chamber doesn't have any vent to the flue (a good thing for steam retention).  The way the oven is built the airway to the flue is between where the door seals and the front of the oven.  So using a garden sprayer for 10 seconds before putting the bread in creates a lot of steam and it all works well.  I had some extra pizza dough - so I laminated it with some butter for these croissants.  The deck of the oven was about 600 degrees when I cooked these and they only took 17 minutes to cook (v. typically 40 minutes in a 450 degree oven).WFO croissant