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Kamut and spelt sourdough with figs and rolled oats

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Kamut and spelt sourdough with figs and rolled oats

have been looking for the perfect loaf to go with the many cheeses I always have in my fridge and I believe I am on to something. :) I have prepared this though on a weekend and baked it straight from the fridge on a Monday morning - it definitely chased away my Monday morning blues. 

I love how the buttery and nutty taste of the kamut and spelt compliment the sweetness of the figs and the rolled oats that cover the loaf make the crust extra crunchy. 

There it goes:

1. Prepare your starter in advance.

2. Leave to rest for 8-12 hours.


Final dough

Bakers' %

Wt (g)

for 1 kg

Kamut flour



Spelt Flour









Liquid levain






3. Mix the flours with the water and leave to autolyse for 30 minutes. Add in the levain and salt and mix thoroughly until all the flour is incorporated and the gluten is moderately developed. Add the figs cut in moderately large pieces (you dont want the grinded, but not whole either).

4. Bulk fermentation: 3:30 hrs with SF after each 45 minutes. The dough will be quite difficult to stretch. 

5. Pre-shape the loaves and leave to rest for 20-30 minutes.

6. Shape them, ad some moisture to the surface and cover them in rolled oats. Place them in well floured bannetons and keep them refrigerated for up to 24 hours.

7. Remove from fridge and bake at 240 C for 45 minutes (15 minutes with steam, last 30 dry).

8. Open the oven door and leave the loaves to rest in the cooling oven for 5 minutes more.

9. Remove the loaves from oven.

I swear this bread tastes like happiness. :)





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I am always looking for a bread to mate with cheese. How many figs did you use ?You mention semolina in the you mean Spelt ?  

 I will be making this for sure !  Thank you  c

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Good observation, i forgot to mention the figs. :) I use about 20% of the flour weight, just so i make sure there are a couple of figs pieces in every slice. This one’s a keeper for cheese pairing, trust me. :)

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haha you had me a figs and cheese pairing! Beautiful dough so far. I use mixed levain so it is my durum levain and my AYW white flour levain combined and ready to go. I upped the ratios to make 2 bigger loaves . Will let you know tomorrow . Thank you c

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come back and post the results before you eat it all please.

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didn't take a pic yet but will when I cut it Thursday night at a party. Pairing it with cheese. Smells wonderful. I baked it cold from the fridge at 500 in preheated pots for 15 min then lowered to 450 10 min and 475 for 10 min. Didn't get as brown as yours . I used floured bannetons instead of the oatmeal. Was extremely tender and easy to manage dough. I also used both dates and figs cut in large pieces to equal 125g so a lot of fruit. Will keep you posted as to taste. 

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Which did you use?

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sorry, i’ve done the correction in the post as well.

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The bread looks wonderful.

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and amazing toast. Will definitely make again. I used spelt and kamut with white. Will mess with timing etc and keep this one I. Rotation for sure

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the years I don't think she has done a Kamut /  spelt bread or one with figs for that matter:-)  Well done.  It has to have that beautiful yellow crumb and taste great for sure.

Happy baking

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Valentina - Did you use dried figs? And if so, did you soak them before adding them to the dough?