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Tratto featured on The Best Thing Ever Ate on the Food Channel this Monday!

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Tratto featured on The Best Thing Ever Ate on the Food Channel this Monday!

So check your local listings for the time.  Not long ago I posted a piece in the comment section of this post, 

Not Quite All Wheat Sprouted Sourdough 

about my birthday dinner at Chris Bianco's pizza place, considered the best pizza in America, Pizzeria Bianco , and our future planned dinner at his then new restaurant, Tratto, which turned out to be just as killer and next door to Pizzeria Bianco's 2.  Chris is still partnering with Chad Robertson in LA in their mega marketplace development and is also opening a new restaurant with the folksthat own the best taco place in Phoenix ,Tacos Chiwas, called Roland's.  We love tacos and hope they have some good ones at Roland's and we can't wait to eat there.  

Tratto is featured on Monday's episode of TBTIEA by Beau MacMillian a celebrity chef and another local Phoenician, who beat Bobby Flay on Iron Chef America - Battle American Kobe Beef.

Tratto was given a perfect 5 star rating by Phoenix food critic Dominic Armato of the Arizona Republic Newspaper.  I give a 5 star too.  The menu changes weekly so you never get the same thing from week to week.  Chris Bianco is one busy guy but his food is always the very best.  Chris also just published his first cookbook,  Bianco: Pizza, Pasta and Other Food I Like

My post above also had the prettiest salad ever posted by Lucy too!

Here is Tratto's website