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Traveling to Zurich, Budapest, Wiesbaden, Vienna

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Traveling to Zurich, Budapest, Wiesbaden, Vienna

In late March, I'll be traveling to Zurich, Budapest, Wiesbaden, and Vienna.  I've been to all of these cities before (except Budapest), but never with an eye toward bread shops/bakeries.  I'm an at-home cake decorator, so I was always keep watch for cake shops. 

I would love to visit some recommended spots in these cities.  Thanks for any suggestions.




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Mini Oven

Translated, Vienna Coffee and Cake shop.  They are everywhere!  And specialize in Scruptious sweet desserts.  Since enjoying Coffee and Torte is practicly a ritual, the shops are open from mid morning until evening.  Bakeries on the other hand tend to close around noon, not all but most, they also are the first to open around 6am. Many shops are combined and almost all have a place to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee.  Coffee Melange is the traditional Viennese coffee made with combination of candied coffee beans.  Traveling in a group can be fun, everyone orders a different slice of cake and all are placed into the middle of the table to be sampled. 

Have fun... 

Mini O

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buns of steel

in Vienna you want to go to Cafe Central and Demel.  Sacher is also renowned, but I think Demel's a little better than Sacher.  You will love the Viennese tradition of hanging out in fancy cofee shops with very fancy tortes, Central has live jazz also, nice way to spend an afternoon with a live 4pc jazz band and a slice of fancy torte and good coffee.  Now actually what you really want to do is go to Cafe Zauner in Bad Ischl, it used to be the King's pastry shop in his summer town, and the tradition of outstanding pastries has continued from there.  It is considered by many to be the best pastry shop in the world, their pastry display is impressive, it is better than any pastry shop in Vienna IMO.  Good beer in Vienna too in some places, also some nice hip restaurants.  Amazing art too!  Fantastic market also...