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New (Expensive) Book on Bread Baking

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New (Expensive) Book on Bread Baking

A friend sent me a link to this article:

Happy reading (and saving if you have any thought of getting the book).


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Our Crumb

Thank you for posting this link. 

A timely and predictably iconoclastic counterpoint to the romantic and spiritual Birth of Bread that billincarmel posted yesterday.  I do wonder what Myhrvold's (Migoya's) latest exploration yielded.  The NYT piece doesn't report any newly broken ground -- FreshLoafers have been sifting out bran and adding it back (separately hydrated or used as levain feed) for years.  If  Migoya and Myhrvold think today's bread bakers are pathetically clinging to some romanticized bread past, they need to immerse themselves in the TFL archive.  No fear or shortage of innovation there.


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I read the Times review that was linked above this morning over breakfast.  It's unclear to me that other than some fancy pictures (the folks at Myhrvold's food lab in Seattle are able to take fantastic pictures of food cooking in various environments) whether there is much new in these books that cannot be found elsewhere.  I agree with Tom's post that the amount of knowledge on TFL (and it's FREE) is immense and I certainly have found answers to all my questions here.  I also get to see fantastic pictures of bread that others have baked!!!