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can anyone help i have rosacea and want to try baking a bread.

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can anyone help i have rosacea and want to try baking a bread.

hello i have rosacea and i wanted to try baking bread with oat flour but have found that i can't bake it with just oat flour on its own i need to addd something else. does anyone have any suggestions on something that will not aggravate my rosacea? i find sugar and wheat make my rosacea flare up heavily.

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Lechem (not verified)

How about Spelt, Emmer, Khorasan, Einkorn?

And of the non wheats can you have things like Rye?

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as said in the post gluten free only. no wheat.

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If you need recipes for gluten free foods and bread, try a celiac or gluten free website.

There are several recent posts on the subject. Enter "gluten free" in the search box and take a look at the posts that pop.

Fortunately, since gluten free has become trendy, the celiac and GF population has benefitted from all the new products available.

I believe you would be better served to study those sites for how to make GF bread-at least for the start. The good news is that GF bread is not hard to make but it will be different in taste and texture than wheat-based bread. A well-made GF bread is delicious but in a different way. The easiest way is to start with a GF Bread recipe and a pre-mixed "AllPurpose" GF flour and try. Then come to the forum with questions. Try this one:

Good luck and realize you may have a learning curve ahead of you.


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I have rosacea and a pharmacist told me about Minocycline. I asked my doctor for a prescription. And after taking it for over a year, I can say that it has eliminated almost all of my skin problems. It is inexpensive.

If interested, ask your doctor's opinion.

I had no idea that bread was supposed to be problematic for Rosacea. I eat it daily. I only wished it was good for weight loss. :)

Hope it helps

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proper Registered Dietitian, who can work with you to determine what the actual triggers are for you, and what options will work best for you.

It is highly concerning that the person you are currently working with apparently did not work with you to determine actual root triggers, and did not explain that wheat does NOT equal gluten (gluten is a specific protein which is found in wheat, but is also found in many other grains), and did not figure out whether it is the gluten in the wheat that is a trigger for you, or if it is another compound in the wheat that might be an issue.  For instance, some people are perfectly fine with ancient versions of wheat, and have no problem with gluten, but do have reactions to other compounds / proteins in modern versions of wheat.  Without knowing what the specific trigger is, it will be almost impossible for you to avoid it.

For rosacea, it is actually very uncommon for wheat, or gluten, or sugar to be triggers.  More commonly, the triggers might be high quantities of yeast (especially yeast extract, used as a supplement), or things like caffeine or chocolate that are commonly found in highly sweetened products.  There are people who are quite sensitive to the commercial strains of yeast, and so have flares triggered by highly yeasted commercial breads (and so might mistakenly think that it is "wheat" that is the trigger), but who are perfectly fine with sourdough breads.

It is very important to work with a qualified individual who will work with you to determine the actual root triggers that you need to avoid.  Using inaccurate generic (and, unfortunately, "trendy") generalizations such as "wheat" or "sugar" does not really help you, and can have negative impacts on your quality of life by making your dietary choices far more limited than they need to be.

I wish you well in finding a good quality professional to work with, and in having fun in figuring out delicious foods that leave you feeling wonderful.