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Bread Toppings

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Bread Toppings

When adding a topping like oats or pumpkin seeds to the crust of my bread (just before baking) I use water or egg to "paste" the topping on.  The result is the same -- most of the topping falls off after baking and cool-down.  Any way to prevent this?

Perhaps the grains/seeds I am using are too large.  What toppings do you use for your (multi-grain breads?

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seeds or whatever in the proofing basket then  when I turn them out on the peel the seeds seem well attached.  I lose a few but the majority stay in the bread.


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Thanks for the comments.  Looks like the expansion of the dough during proofing is key to keeping the the topping attached to the bottom surface of the bread -- which becomes the top surface after proofing.

How do you manage this for a free-standing bread, or for a loaf pan in which the dough rises top-up?

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I am completely new to baking, but I do remember reading in one of the books I have about brushing some butter or egg wash to help the bread to be golden or crunchy. 

Couldn't you when you brush that one put the seeds or whatever you want to put on them then and they would stick?