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Help Scaling Up Roll Production

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Help Scaling Up Roll Production

hi everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster. 

i work at a bakery where we do all hand shaping and forming of doughs. We currently make kaiser and sandwich rolls at a decent volume - about 150-250 a day. 

We are considering taking a new wholesale client which would add another 200 a week at least. Definitely untenable for our staff, even now they're nearly at a breaking point. My background is all patisserie, so I'm not familiar with how we might be able to automate this procedure at all. I tried google, but would rather hear first hand how other bakers or bakeries do it. 

Thank you in advance!!

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There are machines for that, from simple mechanical dough dividers, to almost completely automated dividers/roundera that can make hundreds of rolls per hour.

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I would recommend you visit, join the organization, and post your question there. BBGA is a community of small to very large bakeries, and the membership includes consultants and manufacturers.

I think your likelihood of getting a response from people who live and breath your issue would be better over there.

Best of luck.