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Okay, where is DAB?

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Okay, where is DAB?

First we lose Cedar Mountain and now Dabrownman has gone MIA. I am concerned because from what I can tell, Dab has been posting regularly for years and now he hasn't posted since the end of June. Anyone heard from him?

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Mini Oven

I see a posting two weeks 5 days ago. is hot in Arizona.    :)

I went looking for his last reply.  It is summer and things tend to slow down a bit this time of year.  He might be somewhere cool and off the grid.  The grid does funny things too.  Mine goes off with every good thunder storm along with the main power supply.  Our generator kicks in but the net stays down.  Here comes the next storm, thunder in the distance.  Catch y'all later.   Keep thinking good thoughts and bake something yummy.  :)


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Lazy Loafer

Have you tried a private message? I know I won't be posting much in the next couple of weeks myself as we are on the remote Northwest coast for a bit.

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I did that before doing a public posting. 

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From time to time we all take a bit of a break or become observers rather than commentators and can come back with renewed  interest and  vigour. It is always good to see the return of stalwarts after they have taken either the back seat or a break for whatever reason. It is nice though Danni that you have shown some concern for DAB  and I join you in hoping he is well and things are fine for him and look forward to his next posting whenever that might be.

regards Derek  

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I'm very worried for him and Lucy - though his breads and salads should keep him safe? I've enjoyed his posts so very much. Does anyone know him personally who could get in contact?