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Setting up Kamado Joe for bread baking?

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Setting up Kamado Joe for bread baking?

I've just got a Kamado Joe (like the Big Green Egg but red) :-)

I did one loaf - used the heat deflectors on the base, and the pizza stone higher up on a rack

210-220C for 40mins

The bread baked OK (though I think I need more water) however the base of the bread is badly burned

Any suggestions please on the setup?  

Many thanks!!

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I have a green egg and tried this a long while ago. Take the "deflector" (called a plate setter) and invert it.. Look at this picture..  put the plate upside down and then put your pizza stone on top of it's "feet" so that they are separated by the height of the "feet".. that way the flames below hit the bottom of the plate setter, not the bottom of your pizza stone and you hopefully shouldn't have as burnt a bottom..  with the temp at around 500 and stable for half an hour or so I'd then load my loaf and close all the vents.. (as a way to "try" and trap humidity in there.. the problem is that it's not an ideal set up and the bread smells like smoke so I've not done it since.. let me know how it works for you! Good luck..

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I use a disposable aluminum pan upside down on grate and put stone on top of that. It serves as an insulater. Bread comes out great

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Are you trying to bake directly onto a stone or in a piece of cast iron ware?


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I'm new here. Using mobile and I'm not sure how to post pics. I'm an egghead and bake in my Big Green Eggs frequently.