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Bread of the world

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Lazy Loafer

Bread of the world

Has anyone seen (or tried) this? It's actually very interesting - Ankarsrum has come up with a bread recipe called "Bread of the World" based on research into all kinds of breads and computer analysis. I must try this one!

With help from a computer and deep learning algorithms we’ve transformed flour and water to ones and zeros. In order to analyze and merge thousands of bread recipes from all over the world in the first global recipe ever made.

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to measure the flour. Sounds like it should be tasty!

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Lazy Loafer

I know, the DL thing is very confusing in the recipe book that came with the Ankarsrum mixer. For example, in one recipe they say .75 DL of molasses, or 1/3 cup. In a recipe right beside it they say .5 DL of molasses, or 1/2 a cup! I don't think both of those could be correct, and not sure whether to follow the metric and check against volume or the other way around!

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past several years and she then came up with her 15 Grain No More Than 30 Ingredient Challenge bread:-)  Seems she is a bit more varied and diverse than the baking apprentice world at large:-)

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Why are they using a liquid measure to measure weight?

Makes very little sense-


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Lazy Loafer

It makes little sense indeed. In some of the recipes that came with the Ankarsrum mixer they use DL for dry ingredients, and in others they use grams. And then they put volume measures in brackets and some of them don't seem to correlate to either ml or grams. I think I'll just ignore most of their recipes, but I would like to try this Bread of the World thing sometime.

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Mini Oven

in grams makes the most sense to me.  The DL where mentioned are confusing.  

From watching the video I'm not sure I would bake it without tweaking the recipe first.   :)