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Use of Milk in Bread

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Use of Milk in Bread

For Lactose Intolerant or Dairy Allergic, what can be used instead of milk in recipes such as White Bread or English Muffins

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Soy milk?

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Water, beer, wine, almond milk, soy milk, any kind of liquid milk substitute. Milk usually contributes a bit of fat and protein. Add a tbsp. of oil,fat or butter to compensate and maintain a similar crumb. Milk also has a bit of sugar (lactose) so adding a teaspoon or so of sugar can help with browning.

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I use vinegar in my bread but it's only 1.5 grams to 1 cup of flour. It turns out great. The recipe is in my blog here.

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There are many excellent white bread and English muffin recipes that use no milk.  Is there a reason you want to adapt a recipe that uses milk?