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Intend to Build a barrel oven , maybe AS style. Plans?

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Intend to Build a barrel oven , maybe AS style. Plans?

I've renamed this this thread because I think the previous wasn't topic specific. I've had  very helpful comment made. I'm still looking for plans.  I hve some questions about how to get around ceramic insulation as much as possible since here in Japan it is costly.   


Have Mercy on My Soul!  I've reached information overload.  I need some help sizing my oven and choosing the design to use.  

  • Imagine maybe  50 baguette in a day. (I don't want to spend all day doing this, so how many at once?? )  
  • hand-made brick oven.  I'm a reasonable carpenter and design guy.  
  • I want to be able to roast foods in it, so a decent large door size.  
  • Not too resource consuming so some balance between size and insulation..  I have space since the whole thing will be joined to a kitchen which I haven't built yet.
  • If it can do some pizza that's ok too,  but bread is the focus.  

 Right now I'm favoring a barrel vault which seems viable, good quality and understandable construction principles. this is not final ...

I've also considered doing a dome with refractory. I'm unlikely to try to tackle  dome from cut masonry.

I looked at so many things my eyes are rolling in circles.  some help in narrowing my decision would be welcome. Since I am building it, ease of construction is of interest..  I'm a carp,  not a master mason..  Thanks!

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Oven: I recommend a barrel vault with 4.5 inch thickness all the way around, plus about 2 inches of refractory concrete cladding. On top of this, use ceramic fiber blanket (3 inches) for insulation. Underneath the floor, use about 3 inches of ceramic fiber board. I have found this design to be efficient in both heating time and heat retention.


Baguettes: 50 for me would take about 20 minutes to mix, then about 1 hour to shape. Each load would take approximately 20 mins to bake. So while 50 bags isn't terribly time consuming, it is some sort of investment.

size: bigger is better for this. I'd probably want to fit 24 baguettes per round. i I think the basic large Alan Scott oven is plenty big for that: approx 60x72 IIRC? That many baguettes you want at least 50" deep and 36" wide, just to fit them all.

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It's also  very close to the figures I came up with.    I can get ceramic blanket.. I see people put that on and then build a cavity around it ..  then roof etc..  

The ceramic board may be more difficult to locate. or incredible in cost.  is there something I can replace it with.  I have space..  with this much masonry,  could I not use unbacked fiberglass as insulation?  also, once I have that much fire brick and refractory mortar..  (4.5 inches)  could I use standard concrete to clad (not at doorway or flue obviously) ?


And yea,  making that much bread takes me longer than that.  But if I can do it in 3 firings I'm golden for now.


I saw another FRLoaF thread where people were getting AS plans.  I couldn't find them online or figure where to get them elsewise.