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Heriatge Hi-Gluten Artisan Flour

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Heriatge Hi-Gluten Artisan Flour

I would like to know if anyone uses Heritage Hi-Gluten Artisan Flour.  I have been using KA Sir Lancelot for several years and can no longer get it in my area.  To order it from KA is more expensive than I can afford.  I did find a bakery who will sell the Heritage Hi-Gluten to me, but I wanted to know if there are any bakers with experience with this flour.  Thank you.

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I realize I'm replying to a 6 1/2 year old article but I think this question should be answered.

I use nothing but Heritage Hi-Gluten Artisan Flour. I'm retired and was looking for an alternative to KA, Pillsbury and Gold Medal bread flours. (I also had good results with nearly all the mentioned flour brands. I haven't tried Gold Medal so I can't comment on it.) I found this flour (Heritage) on the Gordon Food Service website. As of today (12/15/2023), a 50 pound bag of this flour costs $31.49.I've seen it for a couple of dollars less at other locations but none are near me. 

Gordon Food Service has stores in several states that are open to the public. They also have distribution centers in many locations where they don't have stores but I don't know if the public can order from them. 

Finally, I've had nothing but success using this bread flour. The recipes I have used didn't need any adjustment although In some cases I have added the smallest amount of liquid to the doughball depending on its appearance. I should mention that I use a Zojirushi bread machine.