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Can't sleep, thinking about breadmaking

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Can't sleep, thinking about breadmaking

Okay, this is really weird, but I can't sleep and I keep on daydreaming (at 01:00 lol) about breadmaking for some reason...

I see myself in a small business failing to sell anything, because all of my bread is over $1. It felt somewhat like a nightmare.

Such a weird thought, but it did help me realize that being an artisan breadmaker and owning a bakery is a lot more absurd that what I already thought. I might just end up like every other bakery in every corner selling ¢5-10 varied sweet rolls and pan de sal.

Just wanted to share that. I wonder if anybody else had the same experience.

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Mini Oven

At least it looked that way this evening...  Park a good baking read by the bed and when you can't sleep, get in some nice material for good pleasant baking dreams.   :)    Moonlight baking anyone?

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I've actually been reading TFL before I went to sleep by that time. Close enough.

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YES! I knew there had to be somebody else out there. A few weeks ago I had this dream that I was about to bake some dough's that had been retarding in the fridge, but could not get to it because somebody had stolen my oven. I spent the rest of the dream looking for it, sadly I was not able to find it.

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well im obsessed, keep writing notes, bookmarking recipes, looking nerdily at the crumb of other breads, ranting and raving when things don't go well, coo when the sourdough rises...pray - and im an aetheist -while waiting to see what my oven spring is like...and on it goes. As for a bakery...i can only dream but am workng on it....this forum is living proof of a worldwide obsession with a food technology thats over 6,000 years far as im concerned we're keepers of the flame in a consumer driven, techno materialist world.....we need more of us :)

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I was the same way, trying to learn about sourdough &/or baking with fresh milled flour.