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Hodgson Mill Store

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Hodgson Mill Store

If you've ever driven through Illinois on I-70, you've passed through Effingham. Most of what you see from the interstate are truck stops, hotels, and fast food joints. With a quicker eye, you'll see the Hodgson Mill store just past exit 160. It's a relative new, medium size building made from log cabin materials so its easy to discern from the other businesses. It has a good sized parking lot and the building also has access ramps to enable customers in wheel chairs an opportunity to visit.

When you first go through the front door, you'll see several products from John Boos & Co., also located in Effingham, on display. Their cutting boards and work tables are well finished and appear to be fairly priced. The main sales floor has what appears to be every retail product Hodgson Mill offers and some products in bulk packaging as well. Not many stores in the KC area carry any of their products so I was surprised by the variety. Local small business crafts and food products such as pottery, mustard, jams, and barbecue sauce are available as well. There is also a room set aside for baking/cooking classes but none were going on while Mrs PG and I were in the building.

It doesn't compare in variety of products to the King Arthur store in Norwich, VT. You can go through the store and see all the products available in less than 15 minutes whereas I haven never gotten out of the KA store in less than 30 and at least $50, if not much more, poorer. It is, however, a pleasant break from hammering down the interstate towards either Indianapolis or St Louis. The staff were all that Midwestern nice that we like to meet so stop by when you're in their neighborhood.