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DC recommendations?

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DC recommendations?

I am in Washington DC for the next few days; does anyone have recommendations for interesting bakeries in the area?  I am curious about the variety of options (meaning not French, not European) here...  Though a good croissant never hurts.

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Can't make any personal recommendations.  But Mark Furstenberg of Bread Furst in D.C. is a nominee for the 2017 James Beard Outstanding Baker Award.  May wish to look him up.

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and there isn't much that I can praise.  I've not been to Bread Furst as it's not close to my neighborhood.  I know of Furstenburg's bread from the days when he ran the Marvelous Market some years ago.  That bread was OK but nothing better than what a lot of us can hand craft in our own kitchens. I've found the best store bought bread comes from the bakery in my local Whole Foods.  Their croissants are more than decent.

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Is not a bread town. Having lived there 8 yrs, I found bread there on par with chain bakeries.  Bread Frust is the only place that stands out.

there used to be a restaurant called Vialdia's that produced an exceptional bread basket for diners.  They closed this past Dec, but from what I understand, one of the chefs opened a restaurant, Honeysuckle, and has carried on the Vidalia bread basket tradition.  It includes some unexpected offerings like banana bread in the basket. He is also serving in-house Icelandic rye bread with a cheese platter. 

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Bread Furst is very nice; I had an excellent veggie-filled baguette and some other sweets.  I visited early and saw them mixing high-hydration doughs by hand up front. 

I stopped in one other place - Firehook, a ways down the road from there.  It was OK; lots of treats.  I didn't find much else.