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Buying bulk in Michigan

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Buying bulk in Michigan

Does anyone have a source for buying bulk hard winter red or white wheat berries in Michigan, near Ann Arbor or locally online.

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They will order them in for you even though they don't keep them in stock. 

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Good to know, I have bought from Whole Foods in small quantities but was hoping to find a farmer to buy direct from,


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Farmington Hills Home Food Storage Center, part of the Mormon church but open to anyone, has 25 lb bags of hard red or hard white for around $15. Have to make an appointment to shop, but they also have lots of other canned and packaged foods, like #10 cans of potato flakes, beans, rice, flour, sugar, etc. with long shelf life.

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They may only sell ground flour but have you tried Zingermans?

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you might call People's in A2.  They carry many grains and may have what you need.

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Does anyone know of a mill in Michigan where I can buy fresh milled local flour?

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mgeog     I have no experience with them so I can't speak to their quality or their prices, but they might be an option depending upon where you are located and how far you wish to travel.

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Baseline Food

Near Swartz Creek

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Not necessarily local (since I live in Florida and local just isn't a thing. Try Azure Standard - they drop ship all over the place and if you order enough the shipping is cheap. I ordered 100# and the shipping is all of ~$7 to the drop off point

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Hello, did you ever find a good source locally for bulk wheat berries?  If you’re still looking I’m thinking of placing an order for a 50# bag of hard white berries and wondered if you would be interested in splitting the order with me?  We live here in Howell so probably 30 minutes or so from you.



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Have you checked with in Pullman MI to see what shipping would be?

They also might have a buyers club near you, where you pool your orders into one order to get free shipping.

Last I checked they had hard red and hard white wheat berries.

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@idaveindy - I have not, but will check into it!  Thanks for the tip.  ;-)

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There’s an Amish market near Fremont, on the corner of M-120 & Skeels (B82)… Whispering Pines. They sell all kinds of whole grains and flours. I shop them all the time. 

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Country Life Natural Foods (in Pullman, on the West side of the state) and Azure Standard are both good sources in my experience here in SE Michigan.

Shipping from CLNF is pricey, thougn, since you're dealing with heavy (50 lb) bags of wheatberries.  So wife and I made the long drive out to the CLNF "campus" and bought something like 400 lbs white wheat (Wheat Montana - great stuff), 150 lbs or so of oat groats and even a bag of spelt (25 lbs I think).  Really nice people, and they can supply just about anything you can imagine.  It took hours to get there and back from SE MI, but well worth the trip - and you're already further west than we are.

Azure does not carry Wheat Montana white winter wheat, even though I've asked them to a couple of times.  I get the impression they like to source their own but AFAIK they only have red.  As others have said, shipping is cheap as they load up a large truck and people have to meet the truck somewhere to pick up their order.  Novel approach.  I did it once but haven't had the need since as I'm still working my way through 400 lbs or so of Prairie Gold from CLNF.

Hope that helps..CLNF will also do "truck" orders if a bunch of people go in together, but I think min order (at least at one time) was $400+ for the group.  So if you and/or others want to go in on a group order, I'd be interested in getting one together.