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old brick oven help

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old brick oven help

 My 1800's cape has this oven beside the fireplace, this summer after some flue work it will be usable. My question is the hearth is in bad shape I would like to smooth it out, fire bricks as we know them now were not used back then just harder bricks.

 Would a castable refractory cement poured as thin as 1" work or are fire bricks the only real solution, I don't want to decrease the height anymore than I have to.

Any thoughts appreciated.

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Mini Oven

sheets of firebrick to reline the bottom using chimney brick mortar to smooth out the bottom and while wet, set the cut shelving into place.   They come in various sizes but it looks like 2 or 3 in the proper width would do the trick.

I would also consult a brick oven specialist.  

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 I think I would be inclined to pull out the old bricks and replace with new, it doesn't look like it will be to hard a job, the ones where the side walls are sitting could be left in place, they look ok anyway and will rarely have bread on them anyway and the new bricks beded into the void that will be where the old bricks come out  Rado at offers lots of good tips and advice on suitable materials that can be used or substituted even. good luck hope to see more pictures on the refurb and recommisioning  

kind regards Derek