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[2017-06] Standard Sesame Loaf

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Modern Jess

[2017-06] Standard Sesame Loaf

I've made this loaf probably more than any other, and yet I still managed to screw up a few things. This is my Standard Sesame Loaf, though in this particular instance I used a little bit of spelt starter that would otherwise have gone to waste, along with some of my regular wheat starter. I wouldn't call this one of the better examples, though -- rise was a little bit less than I would have hoped for. I messed up here and there, both on ingredients and timing.

Recipe as follows:

  • 500g KA bread flour
  • 362g water (73°) (overshot and poured too much)
  • 100g spelt starter (100% hydration)
  • 50g wheat starter (70% hydration)
  • 13g kosher salt

S&F for 3 hours, followed by bench rest, then formed loaf and applied sesame crust. Proofed overnight in a banneton for ~8 hours, then retarded in refrigerator for ~12 hours, then proofed on counter for another ~3 hours. Okay, that's probably too much.

Baked in Lodge combo cooker covered @ 500° for 20 minutes, uncovered @ 450° for 10 minutes. In the future, I will probably avoid cooking a sesame-crusted loaf at 500° -- this was my first time trying it like that. Too dark for sesame, I think.


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That is a perfect crumb as far as I am concerned! Well done!

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well done

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Great looking loaf, I wish I could have a slice.

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Nice nice. I'd love to feature this on the homepage for a bit. Would you mind?

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Modern Jess

It would be an honor.

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Lazy Loafer

I think the sesame crust is gorgeous! I'm assuming those are a few black sesame seeds in there, not burnt ones? Regardless, I think it looks better golden brown than if it was lighter. How did it taste?

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Modern Jess

Yep! I always mix a small amount of black sesame in to my sesame supply to add some visual interest. 

Taste was good -- toasted sesame is one of my favorites. I've been cooking my loaves darker in general of late (I suppose that's a common progression) and I can't quite decide where my sesame loaves should be. I baked one a few weeks ago that was far too much for the sesame, and the taste suffered. This one, the taste didn't suffer, but I still think I prefer a slightly lighter loaf when it's crusted with sesame.

I'll find the right balance, eventually. That's what this 50-loaf challenge is supposed to do -- dial in and perfect my loaves.

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You bake really beautiful loaves.  A loaf with sesame is hard to screw, I love them really toasted for their nutty taste!

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Modern Jess


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Looks great on the homepage :)

I love the crumb by the way, its perfect. Sesame seeds on top must have given the crust a great flavor. 

Well done

Happy baking

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Modern Jess

Definitely. It's my favorite part of the bread.

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Truth Serum

I too love sesame crusts!

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Very well done indeed!  

Happy Baking 

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Can you elaborate on how u did sesame crust?Never tried it but would really love to since seeing your beautiful loaf!

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Modern Jess

I do it as the last step in the loaf-forming process. When I get everything folded up and get the ball of dough nice and taut, I pick it up and grab it by the seam side and roll around the top (which is now on the bottom) in a plate piled thick with sesame seeds. I then set the loaf into the banneton, sesame side down, for final proofing.

I started doing this primarily because I was having trouble getting the loaf out of the banneton at bake time. I had a few genuine disasters, ruining the loaf in the process. The sesame crust creates a dry, hard layer between the wet dough and the banneton. I've since managed to get a bit better at it, and no longer have as much of a problem de-basketing a loaf. But the sesame crust is so good, I still use it anyway.'s picture

All that's left is for me to do it. I've got plenty white & black sesame on hand.  I don't use bread flour but I do have plenty 00 flour, which, as long as it's properly proofed, should provide a decent oven spring. This recipe will not last untested. Thank you so so very much, Ted

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When u say too much what do u think u should have done and why?  Thanks so much!

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Modern Jess

I think it was just a little bit over-proofed. Generally, my proofing in this weather takes 8-10 hours, maybe 12 at the most.

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Congrats!  looks great.

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Modern Jess

Thank you sir!

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stu currie

that looks great. I'm going to try it next weekend.

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Really stunning work of art! Bravo and yum!

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The Rookie

My youngest daughter loves sesame seeds. She saw this loaf and said"I want to eat that" gonna give it a shot for her this weekend!!! absolutely love the way the loaf looks!!

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It's beautiful. Looks delicious too. Don't be so hard on yourself!