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Neapolitan Oven For Bread Baking?

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Neapolitan Oven For Bread Baking?

Curious if anyone here knows how well bread bakes in a traditional neapolitan oven? 

I'm looking to buy my first WFO and am hoping to find one that can bake both traditional neapolitan pizzas as well as bread when the oven cools down to the right bread-baking temperature. So, heat retention will be important but I also want to make sure there's no other problems inherent to these ovens for baking bread. If anyone has any experience with this it'd be great to hear from you.

The specific oven I'm considering right now is a Gianni Acunto GA105.



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in Neapolitan oven. The model you are intending to buy has internal diameter of 1050 mm and is quite heavy what means a lot of thermal mass - probably needs at least about 2 to 3 hour of fire up time for baking pizzas and then it should cool down to 250-260 dC to bake bread. I have built slightly smaller oven for my daughter with internal diameter of 900 mm and baking bread there is really a great pleasure and fun. I strongly suggest you to buy an infrared thermometer for controlling the temperature at hearth and dome of the oven.

My small pizza oven in my basement is just 700mm in diameter but I can still bake 2 batches of bread in it. So you don't need to worry about baking bread in such oven.

I have made one earthen oven this year  and here are some pictures of my small pizza oven and how I bake bread in it.

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I second the IR thermometer recommendation.  Also that the oven will bake bread just wonderfully.  Make sure to insulate it well and it will hold a lot of heat.