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Oven Door

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Oven Door

I am looking into having a metal door made for an the  Scott designed wfo we built- after having a wooden door go up in flames after putting in in- prematurely (obviously). I would appreciate any comments regarding an

option I am considering of using ceramic fibre board material- also used for kilns- as the interior side of the door. I would also plan to have it cladded in the inside with a thinner piece of sheet metal. While used for pottery kilns etc- I am just not certain there would be any health related issues having this in the proximity to baked items ( primarily breads). Thank you in advance for any comments!

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I recommend a metal door with ceramic fiber board as insulation between two pieces of metal.  My door is two pieces of cement board with ceramic fiber board between them, and a sheet metal jacket around that.  Works well and I haven't died yet.

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If you don't mind the  weight, I use a papercrete blend with vermiculite which stood up well. My oven is Canadian Down draft [ no chimney] The heating door is shaped like an H but rounded to fit the arched opening.Up to 24" of Flame out the top after it passes over the  inner dome of the oven and air in the bottom. the baking door is papercrete too I'll use more vermiculite in the papercrete mix next time It's pretty heavy and has two rebar handles. I live in the boonies and use what I have on hand for most projects.