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Hi guys,

I am planning to start a new business. I bake small items at home, and used to distribute it to my friends and family members. Now, I have been considering of making it a business. I mainly bake cup cakes. A bakery nearby has agreed to keep my cupcakes for sale in their outlet. Now, the problem is regarding the packaging. Since I am keeping it in an outlet for sale, I have to ensure that the packaging is good, and need to get them done in bulk, and wholesale. So, I was just looking online about the different packaging companies, and found Clearpak, a creative packaging company. Now, I want to know, is hiring them a good idea, or is there any diy idea? And any good designs ?


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If this is spam it is by far the most creative I've seen here.  I'm still not clicking that link though.

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The link is safe. I tried it.

I do not have experience in packaging but if the product is truly cupcakes, there are many different pre-stamped containers available from wholesale restaurant distributors. Here is an example of the first click on a web search:

 Unless your product is uniquely shaped I'd avoid recreating the wheel. Even then I'd try very hard to find a pre-designed package.'s picture

I am looking for a way to purchase Arby's Marble rye bread that they use for their Reuben sandwiches? Thank you in advance for your help.

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Lechem (not verified)

and wouldn't know where to purchase it. However here is a recipe 

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If I remember right there is a company called Polar Packaging that makes all sorts clam shell packaging, probably have something right out of the catalogue that would suit you.


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and this is what I had in mind.