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Unable to Upload Photos

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Unable to Upload Photos

In a PM a user asked me to upload some photos. They are .jpg photos.

I was unable to upload them due to an "AJAX HTTP error".


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or are they uploaded to the web somewhere?

The only picture you can upload directly from your computer is the initial picture for a thread. There is a button you can use at the top left to do that. 

Otherwise, to add pictures within your post or in posts that respond below the original post, pictures have to be stored on the web somewhere and you link to them using the little tree icon in the nav bar above the text box. Once you click on the tree icon, a window will pop up and you paste the URL where your picture is located. Be sure it is the URL of the picture only, not the entire page. Then set the size if you wish to resize (I put in 400 in the left box and leave the right size box blank) and then click insert. 

Hopefully, this helps!