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Backyard pizza oven.

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Backyard pizza oven.

Maybe not the best designed oven, but if it works. 

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for me. You build the fire in the bottom section and there is a space at the back of the top shelf where the heat and smoke is drawn up and over the pizza stone and up the chimney at the front. The pizza stone is set up on a lazy susan so you can spin the pizza easily to ensure even cooking. It is on wheels so we can move it to where we want and it is stored in the shed during the winter. I even found a cover that fit it on amazon.

We can easily get it up to 800F and pizzas are done in just a few minutes. I haven't tried baking bread in it yet but that will happen one day. I am not sure if I just put the bread on the pizza stone and use something to cover it up or put the whole dutch oven in there.


So just another idea for someone who is handy with metal and has the necessary tools.