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New book?

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Lazy Loafer

New book?

Has anyone seen / read / used "How to Make Sourdough" by Emmanuel Hadjiandreou? I looked through it at Chapters the other day and some of the recipes look very nice. I've ordered it but wondered if anyone else has comments about him and his methods.'s picture

The Elements of Pizza: Unlocking the Secrets to World-Class Pies at Home by Ken Forkish.

If ever there have to be Pizza Bible, this is it. The book published in April and my daughter brought it for me all the way to Karachi from Washington DC. What a pleasant read, half the book talks about the history tradition and culture related to pizza and Pizzialo. Great for a food journalist like me, and then the recipes that follows makes so much of sense and helps in blending pairing ingredients and flavours resulting in endless creation of pizza which i am currently doing. Baking a new pizza almost every day, check out my instagram on @fskamal.

I did read the Salt water and yeast by Ken, and this is second read in the form of this this. The book took my pizza parties to next level, I enjoy not only feeding my family and guest with these amazing pizza but also have some history tradition to share which everyone appreciated. 


I am preparing for my next TV show where I will be baking some pizza.