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Cutting Board Shopping

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Cutting Board Shopping

Hey everyone, 

 I'm kind of new here but was wondering if there was any interest in custom designed cutting boards for students (or home bakers).  I have access to a laser etcher and woodworking tools so I have started my own cutting board business!  I think it would be great for students to personalize their work areas either at home or in the classroom with a cutting board of their liking.  If you're interested check out  Thanks!   Joe
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You probably should relabel your product for this forum. Baking doesn't usually involve a lot of cutting with knives, but we do need large wooden surfaces that we can place on our countertops to work with dough. Wood is better than most other surfaces for a number of reasons. I bought a huge cutting board for this purpose. It's about 2 inches thick and very, very heavy. I made a shelf on my wall in order to store this behemoth. The width and height are perfect, but it could stand to be a bit thinner, if that wouldn't make it warp.

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As we make lots of pizza's in our wood fired bricked ovens, we always have great cutting boards in stock made of bamboo. Take a look at what we have, that may work for you at your convenience!