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00 flour and Reinhart's Neo-Neopolitan Pizza

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00 flour and Reinhart's Neo-Neopolitan Pizza

I had settled in on Peter Reinhart's Neo-Neopolitan Pizza Recipe. I am using the version from his Artisan Breads Every Day book. The only tweak I make to the recipe is that I add some vital wheat gluten to my bread flour.

All my pizza baking is done on my Kamado Big Joe. I can get the temperature much hotter than my oven

I am happy with it the recipe but was able to get some 00 flour and wanted to try that. I have been reading with 00 flour I will need to use either less water or more flour.

The Neo-Neopolitan recipe calls for 17oz of water. Would 15oz be ok with the 00 flour?


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The 00 flour I use requires more water. I use the same recipe, but end up adding a bit of extra water, probably a couple of ounces.