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Bread Storage

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Bread Storage

I have found that my bread holds longer placed cut side down on my board covered with a paper bag.     Buying bags though in small quantities is a problem. Any suggestions as to where I might find them would be appreciated.

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Jon OBrien

Orient or Occident?

These inteweb thingies get into every nook and cranny, you know, and there are people from all over reading this stuff. Maybe even from where you are.

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Mini Oven

I would do it too if I didn't have to share my cutting board with vegetables and other foods.  Lunch style bags? Supermarket.   Tightly woven dish towels work well also.  So do pillow cases.   :)

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we live in MICH upper peninsula.    Sandwich bags (brown) are too small.  I save shopping bags that are about the right size but too few of them are available. 

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ought to work. I've used linen and other materials. I've placed the bread cut-side down on cutting boards as well as dishes, then covered with the cloth. Also cut-side down with the cloth on the board then the cut bread face down, with the rest of the cloth folded over the loaf. Has always been fine. 

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Gordon Foods has both plastic and paper bags in bulk.

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Mini Oven

a liquor store if you can buy some bags from them or place an order for some the right size?  Same thing with your nearest store.  Don't be shy about asking if they can stock foods or ingredients you need also for your baking.  

Funny you mention the UP,  when I pictured the cut loaf sitting on the board, the board I imagined was at the parsonage in Mass City.

Mini  :)

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I found large sandwich bags at Woodman's in Wisconsin.  Walmart used to carry them as well but only the small ones now.  I wrap my bread in two bags and cover the face with a bee-wax cloth.  I have a fabric bag over all of that.  It keeps it for a week.  


Big Crusty

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Hi JeriY and welcome to the forum.

I think that anything that keeps condensation off the surface of the bread, retards mold. All the above are sound advice for that as well as steady temperature and humidity levels.

The other thought would be, what type of bread? I usually hold back the last heel of a loaf, just to see when it molds. For bread from commercial yeast, a week is a good feat. For sourdough, 2 weeks at least, in my experience.


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Every time we go to the grocery store I stand in the exit lane with our 6-year-old while my wife stays at the checkout stand to pay the bill.  As I'm standing there I see stacks and stacks of paper bags in little cubbies that they save for people who don't want plastic bags.

If that size really works for you, try asking the clerk for an extra bag or two each time you go to the store.  I've asked for bags before and they've always been willing to hand me one or two without question.