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Cracked Spelt Levain

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Cracked Spelt Levain


  • 62g bread flour (11%)
  • 196g all purpose flour (35%)
  • 96g fresh milled spelt (17%)
  • 146g fresh milled hard red (26%)
  • 120g 100% hydration, rye levain (11% rye 11% water)
  • 415g warm water (74%)
  • 280g strained, fermented, cracked spelt berries


1/2 hr autolyse 

mix in levain and salt

slap and fold for fifteen minutes

after a brief rest fold in the cracked spelt (strained/drained)

3 sets of stretch and folds at 1/4 hour intervals

an additional 2 sets of stretch and folds at hour intervals


15-30 minutes later shape and proof at room temp for 4 hours

retard for 15 hours

bake @ 500 for half and hour then an additional 45 minutes or so at 460.

If using a dutch oven these baking times may very dramatically.

If you have a warm house the fermentation times will very, dramatically. If you have a nice room temp I would suggest knocking down the amount of preferment.

Also you all may notice that my percentages sometimes have some fractional wiggle room, my scale goes in one gram increments and I want to keep my percentages free of decimal points so there ya go.

I have been having a heck of a time getting good results this winter due to a 60ish degree house, so this time around I bumped the preferment % up a lot more then I would of otherwise enjoyed. Also I gave it a much longer room temp proof then I would of if my house was ten degrees warmer.

This bread turned out real nice tasting, sort of nutty from the fermented cracked spelt but probably a touch more acetic then I shoot for due in part to the long cool/cold fermentation.



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Has to taste as good it looks too.  I think I get it all except how the cracked spelt was fermented.  Well done and Happy baking WS

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I fermented the spelt by mixing equal weights cracked spelt and warm water and mixing them in a jar with a lump of mature levain. I let that sit for 12 or 16 hours and it smelled good and sharp when I was ready to bake, so i rinsed the berries in more warm water and strained them. I also ate some and they tasted great.

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Beautiful scoring and love your experiment with the cracked spelt.

So how did you do the scoring?  Did you use a stencil first?

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no stencil here, just going for it with the lame, sort of starting in the middle (the third row from the left) and expanding out from there.

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Wow, gorgeous!


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It was good tasting as well as good looking. It kept very well as well.

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Very nice scoring! Your bread really has personality and character! Your always an inspiration!

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I'm glad you like it.