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pizza dough

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pizza dough

I am looking for a more cracker like pizza dough recipe with a poolish

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If your'e using a reasonably lean dough, to my experience, it is just a matter of how you shape it out. Keep the inner bed thin and the outer crust thick is how I do it. If you want the outer crust crackling crisp, keep any oil off of it.

Of course, high oven temps and the dryer the toppings the better, and that should get you there. If your toppings were piled on a little too high or were too wet, a lower oven rack can help. If in a pan, low heat stove top can save the day.

Some folks add a little oil to the dough to help with extensability, but if you shape it out in two, maybe three stages (about 15 minutes apart), I don't think that's necessary.

I've got 3 pies resting out as I write.

Good luck.


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When I want a cracker like crust, I use high protein flour and "dock" the dough once it is shaped.  A "docker" is a little roller with spikes that puts lots of little holes in the dough so it does not puff up.  You can get the same results with a fork.