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Brick and earth ovens- Alan Scott WFO build complete

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Brick and earth ovens- Alan Scott WFO build complete

It took two summers- but have finally completed build of Alan Scott style WFO. It is proving to be well-worth the effort ( for any considering a similar project). We are enjoying pizza's, breads, and oven grilled dinners

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Looks fantastic!  Feel free to come build one for me :)

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Mini Oven

using Grandma's copper canner for ashes!  You'd better tell me it has a rather large hole or a broken something or another.   But have to admit it's a great idea, has a lid too. :)

Are you worried about the hot coals melting the seams?

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That looks awesome!!!

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I don't visit back here often enough...........beautiful oven! I remember how it feels to complete the job. Show us some bread from that oven.

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I love the brick work!  The side table is brilliant as well.  Very nicely done.