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Photosharing site recommendations

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Photosharing site recommendations

Anybody have any recommendations on a good photo sharing site for posting pictures, like on TFL.

I'm having issues with photo bucket, so it's time to move on.

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I've used it without problems for several years. 


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I have to say, the photo sharing thing on here is enough to put people off posting because of the rigmarole it takes to finally get one up.  Thats been my experience anyway, but maybe Im a bit spoilt with the "drag and drop" type idea.

gerhard's picture

I guess if the site had unlimited storage there might be a possibility for drag and drop but that costs a lot money so your subscription costs might double, oops it's a free site.


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Im happy its a free site :) as its full of learning and sharing and insightful, interesting people who are looking for something genuine. Just stating my experience, reality is like that sometimes, and I still post photos :)

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Definitely check out Imgur, it's one of the biggest and very easy to use.