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Can I use this tile for pizza ston

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Can I use this tile for pizza ston

I have some old tile not sure what kind of tile it is can I use this for a pizza stone is it safe for the oven?


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Mini Oven

Certainly you know more about the tile...   Not enough information to risk any safe judgement.

(This is sort of like posting a picture of road kill and asking us if it's safe to eat.   Don't know what kind of animal it is or when it was hit... but is it safe?)    

Better safe than sorry.  I have broken a few hot tiles in my time and these look thin enough to hot break easily when hit with cold dough.  Thicker proper baking tiles in the correct size are a worthy investment if you want to bake on them.

Another thing I notice is that there appears to be no spacing between the "stones" and all the sides of the oven, heat does need to circulate, at least an inch or 3cm on all sides including the door.  Bigger is not better, a home oven will preheat and heat unevenly.