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Questions about using a Pompeii Oven.

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Questions about using a Pompeii Oven.

I am considering building a Pompeii Oven, probably from a kit.

Some questions for owners:

Any modifications for what will be primarily a bread oven?

How many loaves, of about 1Kg each, or 2.2 pounds, can you bake at one time? I am thinking the larger 42 inch model, but feed back about the smaller oven is helpful too, I want to right size this.

How much wood approx, does it take to fire to temp and then bake? (assuming I can't do it all in one bake)

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I have a Pompeii oven and love it. You can build it any size you want. Don't be fooled by the  36 and 42 inch kits. Mine is a 40" but you could easily go to 48" or bigger if you think you need it. As for loading I think you would be looking at about 5 to 6 1 kg loaf's . Or around 12# of dough for a pretty much fully loaded bake.  


I also think it might be in your best interests to just find you materials and build it your self as it will probably be cheaper and to do it  right you need to make modifications to the plan. More insulation a heat break ect. It is really a fairly easy process.  But can be time consuming. I have a build thread on forno bravo  at Good luck